Dear friend of SGMI,

            Thank you for taking the time to become acquainted with me and Sola Gratia Ministries India. I want to share with you what has been happening in my life. By God’s grace I graduated from Grace School of Theology and Ministry, California. I will never forget the green light the Lord gave me. The dream that I dream continues. It all started when I went to the U.S. for biblical studies and in retrospect, God has always been faithful, I can experientially testify that God is faithful.

My short testimony. I was born and raised in a remote area on the Indo-Burma border. I believed the gospel ever since I was a child and was saved at age 15. Two years later, I graduated from high school and serve in the Christian Youth endeavor of my mother Church. My first opportunity to preach was to the Youth group and to the high school students. Then, to pursue high education and cross- cultural ministry, I left my mother Church and came to New Delhi where I received God’s calling. Serving a part –time ministry on one hand and finishing a college degree on the other hand was the hardest part in my life. However, I did complete B.A. Honors (English) and M.A. from Delhi University. As I served alongside the ministry, I traveled across the neighboring countries like Nepal, Burma, Bhutan, Hong Kong, and many major cities in India, which confirmed my calling to full-time ministry. I also assisted in church planting in North India.


1993-1995 – Served as an intern shepherd at University Bible Fellowship, Delhi

1996-1998 – Serve as a program co-coordinator of Asian Christian Sports Network

1998-2000 – Served in the Youth group at Delhi Bible Fellowship (North Congregation)

2001-2004 – Ministry intern at Community Bible Church in Vallejo, California

2005-2010 – Pastor at Manipur Christian Church Delhi/ teaching as full time at Grace Institute and Ministry (SGMI)

 I desire to plant a Church in a God-honoring way in the City of Delhi and in my Home town .At the same time, by the God grace, I plan to start a Bible Institute (already existed now). The institute will help raise up leaders for the church. I had this vision a long time ago, and it became clear when I came to Grace School in the U.S.  Truly, the school has better focused my vision as the professors and pastors became part of my life. Being mentored under them, I learned a higher view of God, a clearer view of sin, and a deeper commitment to biblical exposition. Honestly, before I came to the School in the U.S.  I was so little prepared for the work of the ministry. Now my vision is clear, and my calling is sure. Yes, I understand that preaching is my calling; doing it with excellence is critical, but I am called to pursue that excellence reliant on the power of the Holy Spirit without compromising the Word of God – “Preach the word in season and out of season…convince, rebuke, exhort, with great patience and instruction” (2 Timothy 4:2). As I move into new and exciting ministry, I will need your partnership more than ever before. I invite you to join with me in the Spiritual battle of advancing and expanding Christ’s Church in India.